Cage's Pages

A friend of mine recently got ahold of an old Paris Review featuring a piece by avant-garde composer and all-around funnyman John Cage. The essay, entitled "Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)," is rife with great quotes and sharp insights, and was begging for an illustrated treatment. My friend let me and some other friends borrow the magazine and scan what have come to be known as Cage's Pages. Our intent was to use one of the phrases we randomly pulled out to name our band. Somehow, that exercise failed and we are nameless as I write this. Cage's Pages, however, live on! For each day of January, I have selected a phrase from John Cage's journal and illustrated it. Here are my materials. Since Cage was a man of rules, I have decided to adopt my own for this project. 1) I must use one and only one color that I used the day before, and this color may not be used a third time in a row. I "embraced chance" and messed up on this once, see if you can spot it. 2) I will do one piece every day of January 2013. I didn't start posting them right away, but I'm posting now, so check back for more or follow me to see them all. 3) Since Cage liked to experiment with alternate musical notation, all of my drawings must look in some way musically playable. 4) Since Cage was a strong believer in chance, I do minimal preparation for each piece. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can email me at tim ({AT}) narwhalcreative ({DOT}) com.

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