International Committee of the Red Cross
The ICRC approached my design partner and I with a tough mission – create a rich media microsite as a compliment to their report on war in urban environments. Their special report was 65 pages, and they knew it would not garner many casual readers. We worked with them to pull out salient points and structure the story.
Our initial thoughts of the UX landed on making a series of "scenes", lightly animated, that drew in the user and revealed more parts of the stories. Since so much of the intended audience would be viewing the piece on their phones, we had to think mobile-first.
We knew we wanted SVG animations to be a big part of it, so we started experimenting immediately with what was possible.
We leveraged assets the ICRC had — dramatic photos and video clips. We selected assets that moved the story forward while at the same time conveying the extreme weight of the situation. Finally, the piece started to come together.
See how the final piece turned out here:

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