Robots and Monsters

I'm proud to be part of Joe Alterio's amazing Robots and Monsters Project. An individual would submit a charitable donation, along with three adjectives, and someone from a rotating cast of artists (in this case, me) would incorporate those three words into a robot or monster character. The individual gets some art, and a worthy cause gets a donation! &

Robot: "Detective, Dinosaur, Mysterious"
Robot: "Friendly, Fabulous, Feasting on Cookies"
Robot: "Friendly, clunky, gauges"
Monster: "Sushi, Doctor, Memphis" 
Robot: "Melancholy, Rodent, Solar"
Monster: "Overcautious, Tired, Loveable"
Robot: "Angry, Shiny, Confused"
Monster: "Wandering, Moss, Fluffy"

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